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Mushroom Flame Head


Compact and portable, the butane fueled MicroBurner is a self-contained jet blue flame burner that achieves temperatures of up to 2370 degrees Fahrenheit and is perfect for medical, dental, and research laboratories. In the food service industry it serves as an excellent food warmer. Other applications include craft & metal sculpting, jewelry & optical repair, industrial projects and multitude of other uses.

The MicroBurner is SAFE! The built-in p
ressure release valve safely keeps the fuel pressure in check.  Additionally, the MicroBurner's  low profile design provides for a low center of gravity, which prevents it from tipping over. And its special non-slip base keeps it from sliding - even on smooth surfaces.


Laser Flame Head


MicroBurner w/Chrome Burner Stand


The MicroBurner is easily moved to any location and conveniently stored in a small space. All MicroBurner models deliver blue flame temperatures for 70 minutes or longer on a single tank of butane fuel. Includes One year Limited Warranty.

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Roburn Brand MicroTorch - If you are looking for a high quality "table lighter" but want the heat and laser performance of a butane torch, the MT7705 MicroTorch is the answer. You can buy them here at the lowest price anywhere . . . .

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KING® Premium Butane - The best value in clean, triple refined butane fuel refills. You can buy KING® Premium Butane here below retail cost . . . .



KING® Butane
12-Can Carton
Only $

  Our BEST VALUE buy.  Get 12 cans of clean-burning TRIPLE REFINED premium butane fuel.  


(12) 300 ml. cans



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